In 2020 colorvision international made the leap from a family owned and operated company, to part of the DNP family.

DAI Nippon Printing (DNP) is one of the largest printers in the world. As the parent company of Colorvision International, DNP provides corporate backing and support on a global scale. As well as the printing hardware and media used for many photo products offered at themeparks and attractions around the world.

Colorvision boasted a long history with DNP before being acquired, and has been leveraging DNP printer technology and paper products at all our imaging installations for many years. The DNP Group’s Photo Imagining division, provides a wide range of products and services directly related to theme park and attraction imaging. Colorvision provides world class photo solutions and partnerships. So the acquisition was perfect.

With operations based in Tokyo, Japan and With a global team of OVER 36,000 EMPLOYEES, The DNP Group is expanding the supply of high-quality sublimation thermal transfer media and printers world wide.

DNP’s secure systems are used for products and services related to the handling of image data, including filming, processing, and output sales, as well as cloud-based image sales.

"For a sustainable society, create new value". This is the mantra DNP follows. As a conscientious company aware of the influence global manufacturing has on the world, DNP believes in creating value through business ventures that have environmental social and economic impacts on a global scale. DNP does so in part by synergizing with the diverse strengths of various partners around the world like colorvision.

DNP aims to ensure their products and services enrich lives and set the standard for improving how businesses operate and serve their customers around the world. Always looking to the future, DNP envisions building towards a sustainable and prosperous society we can all be proud of.

We encourage you to visit the DNP group website to learn more about their approach to responsible global citizenship and operating practices.

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